It started with a dream.

Our Story

Until very recently, all cannabis had one thing in common. In order to make its way to you, it had to be smuggled.

In fact, the act of smuggling is something we can all relate to – after all, who hasn’t snuck a joint into a concert? But these small acts of rebellion aren’t done for the thrill alone. For those who have taken the risk, sharing is the true reward.

Through our authentic cultivation and in-house production, Smugglers offers a curated collection of cultivars that honor the art of smuggling cannabis. We grow our plants from seeds that have travelled, in some cases, across oceans and centuries to find themselves in our hands. Both Smugglers and Smugglers Reserve bring to light the stories of those who have played an integral role in the marijuana plant’s ability to not just survive, but to thrive. For too long these stories have been shared in secret. Some we’ve lived firsthand, while others are pure lore, passed around alongside a joint on a clear desert night. All provide a new lens through which to regard our favorite plant: not just as something that serves us today, but as something that has provided healing, prosperity, and intrigue for millennia.

It’s time to tell its true history.