The Untold Stories

Honoring the ancient practice of smuggling cannabis through the art of telling a good story.

Cannabis, in its many forms, has offered us healing, sustenance, prosperity, and intrigue for millennia, and the desire it sparks in humanity has been the driving force for some incredible feats. From the carrying of seeds along ancient trade routes, to the smuggling of flower and Hashish across borders in the dead of night, it’s time we shared how our favorite plant ended up here. These are the tales of risk takers and entrepreneurs, of outlaws and heroes. They’re our own stories, as well as those we’ve heard passed down from one generation to the next. These are the untold stories of the pioneers of cannabis – the Smugglers.

Smuggled to share

To anyone who has taken the risk, sharing is the true reward.

Small acts of rebellion, like enjoying a Cuban or sneaking tokes between the opener and headliner are something we can all relate to. We’ve all done it, but not just for the thrill. Instead, we bend the rules for the joy of sharing our contraband. And while it’s true that some acts of smuggling are riskier than others, if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we all smuggle to share. Every time you light up one of our pre-rolls with a buddy or grind enough for two, you’re honoring the Smuggler, the risk they took, and the investment they made in their future.

Authentic cultivation

We strive to do right by the Smugglers with our cultivation & in-house manufacturing.

On each of our estate farms in Lake County and across all of our partner farms, we show our respect for the cannabis plant’s illustrious and infamous history by doing right by each seed, every flower, and the earth it’s grown on. After a focus on heirloom cultivars in our specialty genetics program, we prepare all of our products in-house. From drying to solventless extraction to packaging, everything is done by us. Much like the Smugglers themselves, we adapt as technology changes, but our respect for the history of the plant remains.